About us

Our mission

GAAMA’s mission is to assist manufacturers with their energy-saving strategies and thermal system designs. We offer clients a combination of expertise in both high‑quality energy studies and project design and management.

Our story

GAAMA was founded in 2017 as an extension of Pragmathic, a leader in pinch analysis and industrial process design, as well as design and project management. Founded in 2001, Pragmathic enjoys a solid international reputation and continues its mission with GAAMA.

Our vision

Our vision is to become the go-to team in the energy efficiency sector. We will be recognized for our expertise in identifying and implementing large-scale energy reductions and new processes to facilitate energy transition.

Our values

Innovation, sustainability and transparency are our core values.


Innovation: Our ideas are creative and unique. GAAMA excels at anticipating trends and opportunities for developing concepts. GAAMA employees are avid learners and curious about new concepts.


Sustainability: We prioritize sustainable solutions out of a sense of respect for the environment and future generations. In the same vein, we place a premium on building long-term relationships with clients and employees alike, and ensure that both groups receive our undivided attention.


Transparency: We are honest with all of our employees, clients and suppliers. We rely on a keen sense of accountability and honesty to always do better and to build our relationships on trust.

Our team

Andrée-Anne De Gagné, Eng. MBA

Managing Director and Associate

819 993.6971

GAAMA partner Andrée-Anne has worked in industrial energy efficiency since 2007 and has carried out many studies on energy conservation for thermal power plants and industrial processes. She has recognized expertise in steam piping design, in designing projects to reduce energy consumption, and in energy monitoring.

Gaétan Noël, Eng. M.Sc.A.

Director of Process Integration

514 916-2658

GAAMA partner Gaétan has worked in industrial energy efficiency for over 30 years and carried out many studies of energy savings for a number of companies across Canada. He has recognized expertise in process integration through pinch analysis and has led approximately one third of the total studies in this field since Pragmathic was founded in 2000. The many studies under his belt have led to the implementation of a great number of energy efficiency projects. In 2003, he won the APEGBC award for a study for Quesnel River Pulp on energy savings obtained as measured after the implementation of projects after a full year of operation ($2 million worth of gas per year). In 2012, the Gala Énergia (AQME) awarded Lantic Sugar the Industrial Processes prize for a project based on a pinch study Gaétan conducted in 2008. He has also contributed to several Canadian, US and international patents in the development of new efficient processes using process integration, such as the dehydration of ethanol by membrane permeation.

Mathieu Paquette, Eng.

Director of Engineering and Partner

819 432-4954

GAAMA partner Mathieu has more than 10 years of industrial experience. He has designed and carried out many major projects in the sector, including refrigeration and ventilation. He has also done engineering consulting for the design and coordination of major projects related to energy recovery from industrial systems.

Jean-François Carrier, Eng.

Technical Coordinator

873 662-8020

Mr. Jean-François Carrier has been working in the field of consulting engineering for thermal power plants and industrial and institutional energy efficiency for 18 years. Mr. Carrier has carried out numerous study mandates in energy efficiency on the production and use of steam. He has also participated in the realization of numerous projects for the installation of steam and hot water boilers, deaerators, standard and condensing economizers and all the components of the modern thermal power plant. In the past five years, he has mainly worked on major energy recovery projects in industrial processes.

Maxime Florant, Eng. M.Sc.A.

Process Engineer

Maxime Florant has been employed by GAAMA since September 2018; first as a junior engineer and then as a process engineer since December 2020. Over the past 5 years, his passion for complex process analysis has led him to work on a wide range of energy efficiency mandates in concert with our business associates.

Maxime Turcotte, CEP

CEP in Process Engineering

438 402-9581

Maxime Turcotte has been employed by GAAMA for 22 months and has already carried out several large-scale mandates in collaboration with the partners of the team. He has participated in several studies within the paper industry and has a good knowledge of the pulp and paper processes. He also participates in the analysis of the batch process used by certain companies.

Passionate about engineering and technical development, he stands out due to his ease and his interest in programming. He quickly assimilates new knowledge and uses his creativity to develop new tools. He is therefore responsible for the development of the firm’s new “Excel-lence” program, designed to improve all Excel based calculations. He will become an engineer by the end of 2023.

Jean-François Moquin, CEP

CEP in Process Engineering

438 929-4904

Jean-François Moquin graduated from the University of Sherbrooke in biotechnology engineering in 2022 and has worked at GAAMA since then. Within the team, he has already participated in studies for the distillation, greenhouse related and paper industries. His professional experience focuses on the research and development of new technologies within an industry. Naturally passionate about engineering, his skills revolve around new technologies and programming. He is therefore responsible for the development and implementation of the MPSD interface for GAAMA. He will become an engineer in 2024.

Vincent Gauthier, CEP

CEP in Process Engineering

514 774-6357

Vincent Gauthier graduated from the University of Sherbrooke in chemical engineering in 2022 and has worked at GAAMA since then. His academic career has been highly commended with the awarding of the Leonardo Da Vinci Medal, the highest distinction of the UdS faculty of engineering, two Hydro-Québec academic scholarships as well as the Excellence Award from the Canadian Society of chemical engineering. Mr. Gauthier also holds the “Green Belt – Lean/Six Sigma” certification. On the other hand, his professional experience mainly targets energy efficiency studies, the intrinsically safe design of processes as well as the creation of flow diagrams, particularly in the petrochemical industry.