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Process integration


Our goal is to give energy consumers access to techniques and technologies to reduce their energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. GAAMA is the only Quebec firm that is primarily focused on process integration.



Many of our clients were coming to us to develop a solution for optimizing their industrial processes in real time. In response to this demand, we drew on our modelling knowledge to make it more dynamic and create an Industry 4.0 solution.

Energy efficiency


GAAMA works with a variety of manufacturing sectors to support them in implementing strategies for improving electrical and thermal energy efficiency that tap into both technology and the human element.



GAMMA is your partner for finding solutions and developing new industrial processes, and innovation is one of our foundational values. We work with simulations to quickly develop low-cost solutions.

Project management


Project management in the pulp and paper industry requires advanced process knowledge. Our team includes experienced engineers ready to lead your industrial thermal system projects.



Funding for energy management projects is available. In fact, the majority of energy efficiency projects become profitable after financial support.

Corporate social responsibility


Our company’s mission goes beyond business. We believe in the importance of giving back to our community and contributing to the prosperity of the society that supports us. That’s why GAAMA supports a number of causes by volunteering our time and offering financial support.

49.7% of the GHG emissions reductions identified by GAAMA studies are achieved in the year following the report.0%

The average PRI for projects carried out by our clients is 1.9 years after grant.0%

In 2018-2019, the Ecoperformance program financed projects for a total of 165,000T GHG emissions reductions. Our studies have identified projects representing 100,000T of GHG emissions reduction during the past year.0%

Our projects have enabled our clients to receive $ 19,837,800 in grants.0%

Our team

We work with you to identify suitable solutions for your area. We believe in the quality of service and the importance of long-term relationships with customers. GAAMA has a multidisciplinary and multicultural team to bring a complementary approach to projects.


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