Funding for up to 75% of project costs

Funding for energy management projects is available. In fact, the majority of energy efficiency projects become profitable after financial support. Yet, project leads and managers aren’t always aware of financial assistance programs available to help them with their energy-saving projects.


Below is a summary of the services we offer in connection with the financial support available from Hydro-Québec, Énergir, Transition Énergétique Québec and Natural Resources Canada:



Let us take care of it. We will be there for you at every step of applying for financial aid and help you get the most out of your funding sources:


  • Gathering relevant information on site
  • Drafting a measurement plan, project plans and monitoring plans
  • Location and configuration of measurement equipment
  • Gathering data for pre- and post-project measurements
  • Calculations signed by an engineer
  • Writing pre- and post-project measurement reports
  • Coordination and technical support with the institutions involved

Qualified for ISO 14064



Without regulatory obligations and financial assistance programs, far fewer projects would go ahead and the industry that depends on these projects would suffer greatly. Here are some of the programs for which we handle a large volume of applications:


  • ÉcoPerformance (MERN)
  • Efficient Solutions (Hydro-Québec)
  • Funding for Process Integration Studies (Natural Resources Canada)
  • All Énergir programs
    • Study and implementation
    • Recommissioning
    • Solar preheating
    • Energy‑efficient renovations
    • New efficient construction
    • Innovations
  • Ministère des Finances assistance program for rate L users
  • Fonds ÉcoLeader
  • Other: Programs in other provinces that are generally similar to those listed above



We measure energy efficiency projects. Third-party measurement provides an objective view of a project’s performance. Here are just some examples of the measurement equipment we have at our disposal:


  • Portable ultrasonic flow meter
  • Wattmeters
  • Thermocouple probes
  • Etc.


Depending on the project, measurement can also be done via a process simulation, which allows us to assess the overall impact of an energy efficiency measure. Simulations are one of the methods recommended by the International Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol (IPMVP) and are recognized by funding organizations.


For each project, we work with you to determine your needs and the most cost-effective way to perform pre- and post-project measurements.