Energy efficiency

Reducing energy consumption

Our goal is to give energy consumers access to techniques and technologies to reduce their energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. GAAMA addresses and resolves problems experienced by energy consumers, including:


  • A lack of energy performance information for equipment and processes
  • A lack of dedicated human resources to tackle energy matters
  • A lack of technical skills to implement energy‑saving measures
  • A lack of knowledge and understanding of existing financial assistance programs
  • A lack of financial support for implementing measures
  • A lack of support for the risk-taking involved in investing in innovation
  • For some businesses, the requirement to comply with the new cap-and-trade system


GAAMA helps businesses implement solutions and projects to reduce their energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. GAAMA also draws on its extensive knowledge to identify and complete financial support for any energy‑saving project. This approach helps businesses get their projects going ahead by reducing the financial risk associated with new technologies and methods. As you can see, thanks to our comprehensive suite of services tailored to the energy efficiency market, we are just the strategic partner you want for your projects.

Our approach is guided by the following tenets:


  • Assessment of the initial situation
  • Setting goals
  • Strategic development, sales and marketing
  • Operational performance
  • Sustainability
  • Taxation and financing

“The cheapest energy is energy we don’t use!”