Process integration studies

Reduce your energy consumption by between 20% and 50%

GAAMA is an industry leader in industrial process integration. Process integration is the most efficient and reliable way to identify energy-saving projects and strategies.


We are qualified to carry out mandates and grants from Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), Transition Énergétique Québec (MERN) and Énergir for energy-related process integration studies in the industrial sector.


We use highly advanced calculation techniques for studies:

  • Process integration studies and pinch analysis – grants covering nearly 75% of the cost
  • Process simulation
  • Mass and energy balance
  • Statistical analysis
  • Research and development via simulation


Many manufacturers have invested in data acquisition, but have limited human resources to exploit this data to its full potential. We help you use your data to identify large savings at a low cost.

Qualified for ISO 14064

Distillerie de Greenfield Global Québec inc, Varennes

“GAAMA has relationships with 25% of the major emitters of the cap-and-trade system”