Process development

GAMMA is your partner for finding solutions and developing new industrial processes, and innovation is one of our foundational values. We work with simulations to quickly develop low-cost solutions. Here are a few of our past projects:


  • Development of a green hydrogen manufacturing process: H2V Bécancour plant
  • Carbon capture process: Inventys, Vancouver
  • Impact of new product manufacturing on water and energy for an existing plant: Kruger
  • Addition of a new fermenter: Greenfield Ethanol, Varennes

Simulation software

We can build a digital model of your entire factory or department in just a few weeks. We can also integrate new projects into your existing simulations.


Our engineers specialize in the following software:

  • WinGEMS (pulp and paper, food, mining)
  • CHEMCAD (petrochemicals, chemistry)
  • apiMAX (pulp and paper)
  • HYSYS (scientific research)
  • Excel Advanced


By using simulations to design new processes, we can create cost-effective iterations and deliver optimal results. At a time when every investment counts, integrating process simulation into a project is an investment that quickly pays off, in that it greatly reduces detail engineering costs.


Here are just some of the additional benefits:

  • A better understanding of your operations
  • Calculation of cross-effects
  • Driver of innovation
  • Close monitoring of the process’s progression over time
  • The potential to integrate an operations monitoring system (see Industry 4.0)
  • Etc.

“In a changing environment, there is no greater risk than standing still”

Jacques Chirac