Industry 4.0

An effective solution

Many of our clients were coming to us to develop a solution for optimizing their industrial processes in real time. In response to this demand, we drew on our modelling knowledge to make it more dynamic and create an Industry 4.0 solution.


GAAMA developed a modelling platform designed to integrate multiple data sources and generate multivariate models. When combined with a solver, this solution can predict the optimal operating conditions for a process and the deviation from the target. The platform is also equipped with a visualization interface that conveys information to operators, process engineers and managers on all commonly used devices, from PCs to smartphones.

Advantages of the GAAMA 4.0 system


  • The platform can be used to continuously monitor process efficiency
  • The platform gives operators the optimal instructions and can directly operate a closed-loop system
  • Measures project profitability
  • Measures energy (ISO 50001)
  • Generates reports on demand:
    • Energy performance
    • Operating costs
  • The end result: energy savings and better process control



The system can also be integrated with energy systems to increase energy production and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Here are a few example applications:


  • Optimizing a pharmaceutical process
  • Optimizing a lime kiln
  • Optimizing a thermal power plant with multiple inputs (biomass, natural gas, electricity, residue, etc.)
  • Optimizing a milk condenser
  • Any energy-related industrial process

Industrial statistics


Industrial statistics is a fast-growing field. With higher quality instrumentation and enhanced system connectivity, manufacturers have a treasure trove of often under-exploited data at their disposal. Working with databases, we are able to extract a wealth of value-added information:


  • Energy cost per unit (GJ/unit)
  • Actual process performance
  • Water use
  • Manufacturing targets (centerline)
  • Cause and effect analysis
  • Etc.