Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility

Our company’s mission goes beyond business. We believe in the importance of giving back to our community and contributing to the prosperity of the society that supports us. That’s why GAAMA supports a number of causes by volunteering our time and offering financial support.

Support to our community

  • Drafting of financial support documents for the effective modernization of Récupex, a social integration organization with an environmental mission
  • Drafting of the GHG emissions report for the shooting of the feature film Des hommes, la nuit, produced by Chasseurs films inc. A Quebec production made with the aim of minimizing the environmental impact of Anh Minh Truong’s film.
  • Participation in the Grande Course pour la sclérose en plaques
  • Silver sponsor of the IngénieurE au féminin conference of the student group GéniE au féminin of the Université de Sherbrooke, promoting diversity in the profession
  • Sponsor Angels U15B baseball team jerseys

Annual GHG emissions inventory

We carry out an annual inventory of our company’s GHG emissions with the aim of carbon offsetting. The main sources of emissions are of direct origin, mainly due to the combustion of fossil fuels for transport purposes.


GAAMA’s GHG emissions reported annually

Emissions (t CO2)
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GHG Emissions Report 2017-2021

GHG Emissions Report 2022

Purchasing carbon credits

We offset the greenhouse gases generated by all of our travel by purchasing carbon credits. From Newfoundland to Toronto to the United States, we’re there for our clients and spare no effort to mitigate the impact of our travel.

GHG emission reductions due to projects

Since 2017, the energy efficiency projects identified and designed by GAAMA have contributed to the reduction of 170,000 tonnes of CO2/year through the commissioning of our customers.


Diversity has been a guiding principle for GAAMA since the very beginning. Diversity of gender, age, cultural background and more is a strength recognized by our team. Diversity is an asset for innovation and for offering personalized service to our clients.